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Friday, February 11, 2022

2D Racing Game 2022 Free Unity Kit

Download 2D Racing Game 2022 Free Unity. 

A complete game template ready to release with both mobile and keyboard controls.

This package is also available on the Complete Game Bundle

Reskin Tutorials Playlist

Original Tutorials Playlist

Great features of this kit will let you to develop your own 2d car game easily because it is easy to use script and tools.

Complete Game template with nine different vehicle models and realistic vehicle physics based on Unity WheelJoint2D.

Easily customize or re skin. Both for beginners and advance users.

If you want to earn smart income then this style of game is perfect for it. I have three one of theme!!! And this is their 4th.

note: This kit has 4 already made levels. You can add new one, but you have to buy an 2d terrain editor. I suggest that buy this one:

2D Racing Game 2022 Free Unity Kit

2D Terrain Editor


– Complete game template with menus, updating system, different types of vehicles and …

– Automatic coins spawner in editor

– Automatic fuel and item spawner in editor

– Tank,truck,car and bike prefab

– Upgrades Engine,Speed and Rotate force on the air

– Multi input system works together (Mobile + keyborad on editor)

– Settings menu

– Compatible with 2D Terrain Editor

– Unity Ads integration

– And much more …

Tutorials playlist

When you purchase this asset, you will upgrade to the below unity assets for 50% OFF:

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Check details from the Unity Asset Store:

Download 2D Racing Game 2022 Free Unity


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