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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

POLYGON Sci-Fi Space Unity Package 2022 - Unity Asset Download Free

Download POLYGON Sci-Fi Space Pack for Free

Detail –A low poly asset package of Space crafts, persona, props, guns, FX, and scenery assets to create a Sci-Fi type polygonal style best unity games. Standard sections are easy to use together in a number of combinations and fulfil the unity engine system requirements. (Contain testing scenes and a VR/FP equipped cockpit)

POLYGON – Sci-Fi Space Pack Unity

POLYGON Sci-Fi Space Unity Package 2022 - Unity Asset Download Free

Key Features:

660 matchless assets with x24 different texture colors.


Warplane, Gigantic, pleasure boat, Fighter, Constellation, Carrier, huge Transport, Space Station, Stealth Ships, Transport, Beacon, Drones, Escape pods, Warp gates, VR Cockpit, etc. (different colors and variety of attachments/pieces to create your own best unity games).

POLYGON Sci-Fi Space Pack Environments

-Planets, Asteroids, Debris, etc.

POLYGON – Sci-Fi Space Pack Free Download


Confine, grounds, roofs, Pillars, Elevator, Doors, Windows, etc.

Characters (x20)

Alien 01, Huge Alien 01, Big Alien 02, EVA Dress, Big Space Soldier Male, Space Soldiers (Male, Female) Fighter robot, Cabin Crew (Male and Female), Crew Captain (Male, Female), Cryo (M, F), Hunter Female, Junker (Man, Woman), Medic Male, Psionic, Robot Woman (with different colors)

POLYGON Sci-Fi Space Pack contains Props (x235)

Air aperture, Buttons, Trolley, Pipes, Control board, Trunks, Tables, Boxes, Lights, Tanks, Cables, etc

Signs (x47)

Rooms signs, Numbers, Icons etc.

Weapons (x7)

Revolver, Gun, Protector, Shield Extended, Shotgun, Dagger, Sword Double.

POLYGON – Sci-Fi Space Asset Free Download

FX (x48)

Asteroid Ground, Beacon, Blackhole, Electricity, Exhaust, Explosion, Fires, Flame boosters, Laser, Missiles, Debris, Clouds, Dust, Steam, Warp, HUD pieces, etc.

Heaps of wonderful content included (see the layout screenshots for more info)

Character system to Used with Mecanim (no animations contained in this package)

This unity free assets is very helpful for developers who want to develop sci-fi type unity games unblocked. This unity asset contain characters like Aliens, Soldiers, Robots and many more. With the help of these characters you can create an awesome polygon style popular unity games for mobile devices. This package contain number of vehicles and ships which you can utilize in your unity games for android projects. This free unity assets also include sci-fi environments and different type of props. All the assets are lowpoly so if you develop a small or big unity games list both will run smoothly on mobile devices without any lagging. 

Demo scenes are included through which you can easily learn the working of the package without any unity engine cost. But this pack does not contain animations you will use your own animations which you can take from other packs. This asset is easy to handle and will look stunning on mobile devices when you develop a complete unity game with the help of this unity assets free download. Texture and material of characters, props and other assets are included in the package. It will help you to make your game graphics awesome which will look beautiful on mobile devices skip the games play mode. You can utilize this package in other games if you are not unable to initialize the unity engine. So download this free unity pack and have fun. Download this unity free assets from here and never search for how to extract models from unity games.

Now Get POLYGON Sci-Fi Space Pack for FREE Unity.

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