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Thursday, June 2, 2022

Ultimate Traffic Controller Unity Pack 2022 - Free Unity Assets


Ultimate Traffic Controller Free Unity Pack

Ultimate Traffic Controller Is a multipurpose unity system that let’s developers create realistic traffic system in unity engine for their android games in minutes ; -fast and perfect node creation -pedestrians system etc.

Ultimate Traffic Controller Unity Pack 2022 - Free Unity Assets

Newly Added

Automatic Traffic light generation


included traction multiplier and sliplimit , because to prevent wheel collider of this nulled unity assets from spinning out of control

For steady wheel collider set the forward friction :

Forward friction (2,5,5,2,1)

Wheel mass (80)

On the ESVehicleAI component of this unity assets free download set center of mass = (o, -0.9f , 0)

New demo scene available

(Mega City Download)


(how to use it)


Get current Easy roads,


versions of easy road in this unity assets free that are supported :

The Current version of this unity assets download on the asset store and above are supported.

.All you need in this unity paid assets free download is to replace the Easyroads3d folder with the version below.

(EASY ROADS V3.3.0a1)


-Easy roads integration (auto generate traffic lane data in this unity assets for free for smooth Ai navigating).

Key features

. Controls over 100 of vehicles in this nulled unity assets in an active scene.

. pedestrian system

. pedestrian can use zebra Cross

. pedestrian can form group chat

. reckless drivers run stop signs in this download unity assets for free and knock down pedestrian

.peds can die in this unity asset download free and they support Mecanim and ragdoll

.peds support any can in this nulled unity assets of rigged humanoid model

.Comes with a built-in vehicle system

.Faster Ai will overtake slower ones

.Ai in this unity asset download will make an attempt to avoid player.

.for Ai drivers accidents can occur from reckless driving vehicle leaves it lane ND crashes📷

There is An intelligent system in this unity free asset download to restore all faulty or lost AI

And many more…

Check out the details and download unity asset free from the Unity Asset Store:

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