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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

UFE 2 LITE Unity Toolkits - Unity Assets Free Download

Download UFE 2 LITE Free Unity. 

UFE known as Universal Fighting Engine is a structure for creating both Two D and 2.5D mobile fighting games utilizing a variety of simple tools and editors which are easy-to-use.

Try it for experience, click here to start or download the demo.

Feature Spotlight:

– User friendly editors

– Story mode

– Mecanim and Legacy animation support

– Easy character setup

– Simple A.I. support

– Combo system

– Grappling move support

– Custom input manager

– Cinematic options

– Compatible with Unity GUI

– Open source GUI Scripts

– Mobile friendly

– Extended coding support

– Four Characters and over 150 anims included

UFE 2 LITE Unity Toolkits - Unity Assets Free Download

What is new on 2.x:

– Custom Hitbox Editor

– Multi-gauge

– Diagonal inputs

– Full support for resource loaded assets

– And more…


Supported Addons:

– Control Freak

– cInput

– Rewired

Other Links:

– Official Unity thread

– Youtube

– Forum

– Patreon

For more unity assets free download Click here.

Download UFE 2 LITE Free Unity. 


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