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Saturday, March 26, 2022

Sword Animset Pro Latest Unity Asset 2022 - Download Unity Assets for Free

Download Sword Animset Unity Pack Free

This pack contains a lot of more than 170 movements caught animations for characters enhanced with a sword in this unity assets free. It furthermore contains a TPP sword combating game style or template with simple “Drag and Drop” characters controllers, made in Playmaker VS module in unity assets download free. You must have Playmaker for the controller to work. In the circumstance that you would like not to make use of Playmaker, you can, in any case, employ all the animations to develop your own controller. The animations don’t presume Playmaker to work. All anims are in FBX position, make ready on Autodesk HIK skeleton, employed in the intactness of Kubold’s anim packs. This pack use Mecanim Humanoid Rig, yet can be changed over to the other two rigs present in the unity free assets download. All anims, with the exception of plat former riley, use Root Motion.

Included movements:

– strolling

– running

– assaults

– parrys, squares

– hits

– counters

– passings

– knockdowns

– falling

– bouncing (platformer style)

– getting up

– prepare/unequip sword

– slow strolling (for watches and such)

– insults

– triumph cheers

– Animation list

Included models:

– Saracen (6.2k poly, 4K surfaces: Diffuse, Normal, Specular)

– sham character

– sword (4K surfaces: Diffuse, Normal, Specular)

– shield (4K surfaces: Diffuse, Normal, Specular)

Sword Animset Pro Latest Unity Asset 2022 - Download Unity Assets for Free

Included prefabs:

– Player

– Enemy (AI, Navigation, battle)

– wellbeing pack

– execute counter

If you are familiar with Playmaker then it will be easy for you to use this Animset pro pack in your game. You can make a character controller for your sword combat type game project with just drag and drop animations in this unity assets download. This Animset pack include a demo player and enemy character which is helpful for you to understand the asset and animations in this unity asset download

Now download Sword Animset Pro FREE Unity.

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