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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Unique Projectiles V.1 Unity Pack 2022 – Unity Asset Free Download


Unique Projectiles V.1 Unity Pack 2022 – Unity Asset Free Download

Unique Projectiles Volume 1

30 inflated Projectiles that contains Spells, slugs, bolides, Dark Magic, dart and many more. They are marvelous for Personal Computer and Mobile, and for a collection of genres and art modes. Look into the NEW: Unique Projectiles Vol.2. This is a purchasable package, but now you can avail Unique Projectiles Volume 1 Free.

This package contains:

– 30 Projectiles Prefabs;

– 30 Hits/Impacts Prefabs;

– 26 Muzzles Prefabs;

– PC Demo;

– Mobile Demo;

– 2D Demo;

– Customizable Shaders;

– Particle Set up Controller Script (speed, color, etc.).

– Projectile Script (accuracy, fire point, etc.).

– HDRP and LWRP supported

Merge Projectiles with various Hits/Impacts or with various Muzzles, it’s up to your imagination. Effects are advanced and they can be easily rescaled, readymade and recolored.

More VFX Packages:

– Unique Projectiles Vol.2

– Unique Toon Projectiles Vol.1

– Unique AoE Magic Abilities Vol.1

– Unique Lasers Vol.1

– Unique Explosions Vol.1

This beautiful pack is very useful to create effect for your player, enemy or other collectable objects in the game. If you wish to develop games like RPG, strategy or top down games and you want real effects then this unity pack is very helpful for you to make a realistic unity game for mobile devices. If you wanna move your player very fast then you can use this effect and if you want to show player and enemy sword fighting then this asset if best for this type of ideas. This pack is free to use and you can utilize it in any game. This pack contain demo scenes which will help you to understand the package more easily. So download this unique projectiles volume 1 pack and develop amazing unity games.

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