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Monday, May 2, 2022

Low Poly Rocks Latest Pack 2022 Mobile Friendly - Download Free Assets for Unity 3d


Low Poly Rocks Latest Pack 2022 Mobile Friendly - Download Free Assets for Unity 3d

Low Poly Rocks Pack Unity Assets Free to Download

This asset hold an huge system of entirely different rocks up to utilize for your game projects. Just copy and paste things to your game and get through incredible finish up in less time. Personal Computer, cell phone and Virtual Reality friendly assets.


– Three and sixty seven extraordinary Low Poly Rock Prefabs

– 47 spherical Rocks

– 47 Flat Rocks

– 54 Sharp Rocks

– 70 sq. Rocks

– 39 Block Rocks

– 37 Tiles

– 25 Bricks

– 30 Crystals

– 4 Rock Arches

– 7 Rock Walls

– 7 Stonehenge Rocks


Three hundred and sixty seven plus related Rock game objects with a Flakes!

-All Rock objects have Colliders attached. There are 2 different styles of objects: with Mesh and Box Col. Game Objects with box col are amicable within a section of floor Editor and of course they are better in production form.

-All Rock game objects utilize one reflective power two hundred and fifty six × two hundred and fifty six Image and only one Mat.

-Crystals utilize one mat with zero textures, therefore you can modify colors in less time and easily.

2 Rock Groups:

– one Colour – default big stones, one color per giant stone.

– two Color – 2 colours per Rock. the predominant color could be a base giant stone color, the 2nd color could be snow by default, you’ll be able to modify it to any colour like sand, moss, etc.

Also, you get thirty-six Bonus prefabs:

– nineteen Tile able Ground planes

– eight Mountains

– one Pyramid

– 3 Clouds

– two Fireplaces

– one fireplace particles

– one Island

– Single Water – static water plane

-All Bonus giant stone Prefabs has Colliders hooked up other than sky Clouds, Water, and fireplace particles.


-Small Rocks differ from eight to sixty-four triangles per prefab.

-Medium Rocks differ from twelve to a hundred per prefab – to one hundred fifty triangles for splintered rocks.

-Huge Rocks differ from 32 to 400 triangles per rock object.

-Mountains differ from four hundred and thirty to one thousand and five hundred triangles per rock object.

-All little Ground planes (fifty×fifty meters size) has nine hundred and sixty eight triangles per object.

-All Medium Ground planes (hundred×hundred meters size) has three thousand eight hundred and seventy two triangles per rock object.

Low Poly Rocks Pack ADDITIONAL information

The package conjointly includes:

– .PSD Image Atlas one thousand and twenty four × one thousand and twenty four file (Easy to differ colors).

– Documentation.pdf (MUST READ!).

– License (MUST READ!).

– seven Demo scenes as you’ll be able to see within the photos are enclosed + two Scenes to point out off all assets.

Low Poly Rocks Package carry All Demo scenes with effects deactivated was try out on latest Xperia Z and it runs smoothly at 60fps. Tried out and Works very well on all versions of Unity game engine (from 2017.4 LTS, 2017.4.1 LTS, Unity 2018.1, Unity 2019.1 & higher).

So basically this Unity Asset is best to create big beautiful environment covered with mountains and rocks for your pc or mobile game. You can easily use it any where in your game scene without effecting your game fps. Your game will run smoothly with this pack in game scene. Now this Unity Package for FREE.

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