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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Magical-Knights Set Unity Free Assets Download

Magical-Knights Unity Free Assets Download

Magical-Knight Set is included 110 anims.

action pack RPG game, main character in this nulled unity assets who casting spell with sword.

Magical-Knights Set Unity Free Assets Download


Dynamic Keyframe animation

Generic and Humanoid version included

Root motion and Inplace motion included

A T-pose included (humanoid folder)

Animation List

24 attacks (2 combo)

1 buff

4 roll

1 idle

13 hit

4 avoid

1 Jump

8 move_run

8 move_walk

step_front, step_back





5 dead

5 rise

13 down

Update Note

1.2 – Removed unnecessary folders and files in this unity free assets & fixed addition GUID (2022/04/23)

1.1 – GUID conflict Fix (2022/01/03)

1.0 – First Release (2020/10/12)



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