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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Top 10 Best Android Games for Mobile 2022

Top 10 best Android games 2022

It is very difficult to decide which android games are to be downloaded this August When you have a choice of best android games for Android mobile device in the Google Play Store. You may regret if you download one game and leave other. But now take it easy because we will be listed best Android games available for you in this article. Many of them are free, some of them to be purchase, and you can play some android games online with your friends on your Android Phones. The list of android games we are going to discuss will surely will keep you entertained anywhere. Internet connectivity is required for these games like multiplayer games, but you can also play some of them offline.

Play Store contain different types of android games from different categories. But we try to pick best android games of famous categories, Like FPS, role-playing games (RPG), racing games, puzzles, strategy games, and more. We hope one game will fulfill your gaming needs which you will surely enjoy to play on your Android Phones. We have also listed best iPhone games for you. but you will enjoy these games if you’re playing games on an Android tablet or Android phone.


1) Infinity Ops

Price: Free


Infinity Ops Best Android Games for Mobile 2022

If you like to play PvP combat or want to take down opponents in a solo terrestrial cyberpunk world? Infinity Ops gameplay is set in the distant future by keeping in mind the concept of interplanetary warfare. With awesome colorful, blazing cyberpunk 3D visuals, game looks good and the gameplay even better when you take down other teams with different collection of weapons, from laser guns to latest plasma rifles. Jetpacks are included in the game so you can rise high in the air. Invite companion users or friends to create a band, increase your speed and swiftness by using gravity. So, if you want to enjoy and wanna fun this sci-fi FPS is a best android game and also this android phone game is free to play.



2) Apex Legends Mobile

Price: Free


Apex Legends Best Android Games for Mobile 2022

You may played many FPS games and surely you came across Apex Legends. This strategy royale shooter game is now available for touchscreen mobile. Apex Legends game contains the latest battle royal combat on a mobile, but cross play is not allowed with console or PC versions. Set in the futuristic universe, you will be allowed to make a team with up to two members, compete with opponents, and enjoy fast-paced battle action in FPS and TPS style. You can use different weapons and equipment’s with huge character of Legends included in the game. Each character in this android game have their own unique abilities and expertise that will help you to dominate in the game. Battle with other teams in PvP combat, make teams to survive in a changing world environment where new Legends characters are frequently introduced and new world maps added regularly.

3) Thimbleweed Park

Price: $10


Thimbleweed Park Best Android Games for Mobile 2022

Two web series Oxenfree and Stranger Things on aired which became overwhelmingly famous. There fans will love this game which is created by Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion. Thimbleweed Park is a upside down town in the center of nowhere, abandoned circus, a blown factory, and a cursed hotel. When five individuals find themselves hassled to the town which are apparently unconnected, but they find out that the connection between are very deep and someone is keeping an eye on them. Will Franklin the ghost gets a chance to communicate with his daughter again? Who is the one Agent Ray working for? And how nobody is concerned about body lying under the bridge? All these mysteries will be revealed. This android game is very engaging set in 1987, a twisting story, and adventurous puzzles. Are you ready to enter the Thimbleweed Park With five playable characters and two difficulty levels?


4) Stardew Valley

Price: $5


Stardew Valley Best Android Games for Mobile 2022

If you are fan of farming games then Stardew Valley is for you. Now android phone user can also play this hit farming RPG game which is full of fun and enjoyment to remember. The entry fee of this farming android game is $5 because the gameplay 50 hours long with multiple control and other mobile-specific features. You can do farming, tame animals, sell your crops, and meet with villagers. Stardew Valley is very addictive game once you start to play this game then you will spend many hours on playing it.



5)  Light in Chaos: Sangoku Heroes

Price: Free


Light in Chaos: Sangoku Heros Best Android Games for Mobile 2022

You can change different avatars from a 50 famous heroes’ character to fight against evil powers and restore peace in this arcade fantasy fighting game. Light in Chaos: Sangoku Heroes contain beautiful effects, amazing combats amazing fighting music, and different voices. You can upgrade your avatar combo skills and create a group with other heroes’ avatars to tackle different powerful challenges, or play PvP modes in this android game. You can date a girl or become a chef and also collect outfits for your avatars. This android game is totally free to play, and you can play this game for hours.


6) Word Farm Adventure

Price: Free


Word Farm Adventure Best Android Games for Mobile 2022

It will be not wrong to say that good word game is the need of best android games ever listed. If you want to be the hero of the farming then play this Word Farm Adventure android game having very addictive word game. You have to solve different puzzle challenges and word missions with colorful characters.


You will get coins when you crack a puzzle and even you can use it to complete puzzles. When you daily login in the game, you will get daily rewards in this android word game. You will love this word game because it is full of fun.


This game has few ads which you can skip and also in-app purchases to remove ads by paying a small fee otherwise Word Farm Adventure is totally free to play. So, this word game is one of the best android game of 2022.


7) Raid: Shadow Legends

Price: Free


Raid: Shadow Legends Best Android Games for Mobile 2022

Dark Fantasy role playing games are very famous for android phones and we listed on of the best android game from this category. Raid: Shadow Legends environment set in the way that user can fight to save the world with the help of Light and Dark forces. Many characters are included to give power to the team’s strength. You will be entertained with PvP fight challenges and amazing boss battles. There are many awesome locations given in the map which are rendered in 3D artwork. We hope you will not take a chance to miss Raid: Shadow Legends.


8) Call of Duty: Mobile

Price: Free


Call of Duty: Mobile Best Android Games for Mobile 2022

We hope you are already familiar with Call of Duty then surely your precious time will not be wasted by playing Call of Duty: Mobile one of the biggest FPS in android games. If you have a touchscreen android phone and you like firefights then this is best shooting game for you which will fulfill all your shooter actions needs and this game is also free. With outstanding graphics and fast gameplay, you can play battle royale in multiplayer modes. You will notice familiar characters and maps which are also used in other Call of Duty games. If we say that this is one of the best mobile shooting games for android phones in the series of Call of Duty: Mobile games. This game is updated with time to time with different features like fly new airplanes, battle royale on land and enjoy all-new shooting gameplay.



9) Pokémon Unite

Price: Free


Pokemon Unite Best Android Games for Mobile 2022

Competitions in games are more exciting and this is the reason why we listed Pokémon Unite one of the best android game. You can team up with your friends and players from around the world to battle 5-on-5 group battle to score points as much as you can. You can communicate with your teammates through chat to help each other to beat your rival team. Ready for battle every time and make your Pokémon stylish defeat other teams in Unite Action Battles, with different Moves only available during these unite battles. if you want to top the rank in leaderboard then improve your battle skills. Pokémon Unite is cross-platform you can play it on android phones or Switch and this game is also free to play.


10) Grid Autosport

Price: $10


Grid Autosport Best Android Games for Mobile 2022

There are many racing games uploaded on the play store and app store and many of you may played many of these games and you may tired of them then we are pleased to present you one of the best racing game of the year, Grid Autosport Mobile game. You have to pay a little fee to play this racing game but it will ad-free then and play it on your powerful phone with 3.9GP free storage space. Variety of cars are available in game to game in which you can choose your favorite car and then racing through different tracks in this console-quality racing game for Android phones. Different control options are available play with your own style. You can enjoy street racing or drift racing and roaming on tracks to demolition other cars. You will surely enjoy this racing game with ad-free experience by purchasing it and there are no extra In-app purchases in the game.


So, this was a list of top 10 android games we listed for you. Some of them are free but some of them you have to pay little bit the enjoy the fun, but it will worth it. Download game you like and surely you will spend hours on playing it. The gameplay and graphics of every game is very awesome and extremely amazing. So, grap your android phone and get these games and have fun.


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