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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Curvy Splines Unity Free Assets Download Now

Download Curvy Splines Unity Free Assets

The ultimate spline solution!

Curvy Splines Unity Free Assets Download Now

Work with this splines in Unity free assets it’s meant to be! Curvy in unity is battle-proven and provides a easy UI to help your work done, fast!

* Different art spline in unity free assets piece of writing (Linear, Bezier, Catmull, TCB)

* Full management over curve orientation

* Node-based unity Content Generator for extrusion unity mesh generation

* Already implemented controllers for interaction with unity spline curves, paths, extrusions. nice for cam anims, character movement.

* Created for speed unity pack through the use of an extremely optimized unity caching system, threading and object pooling

* Playmaker custom actions

* Full C# support, well-written & documented

* highly customizable & extendable.

Detail of this unity free assets from Unity Asset Store:

Now download Curvy Splines Unity Free Assets

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