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Sunday, March 19, 2023

Download Bomb Defuse Free Unity Assets


Download Bomb Defuse FREE Unity Assets. 

Download Bomb Defuse Free Unity Assets

This unity free Game Mode addon is similar to the Counter-Strike Demolition free style where one of the teams in the pc game have to plant a bomb in one of the plant zones of the pc games and the other team in this unity assets free download have to avoid that or defuse it in this free unity assets if a bomb has been planted, terrorist team mission in this best android games is to plant the bomb and defend it until detonation finish, Counter-Terrorist mission in this unity freaks assets is to prevent that, won the team that complete the mission or the team that kills every member of the enemy team (can’t re-spawn until next round), the team that completed the maximum no of rounds in this free unity assets wons, will be the winner of the game.

all the logic in this unity assets 4 free of the android gameplay is in one script which completely customizable and also scalable, the unity package includes a bomb (C4) 3d model and some voice audio file.

Check out the details of this free unity assets from the Unity Asset Store:

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