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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Low-Poly Golem Collection Latest Pack 2022 - Download Unity Asset Free


Low-Poly Golem Collection Latest Pack 2022 - Download Unity Asset Free

Download Golem Collection Unity Pack Free Download

Foremost: Soon we will be ready to renew the package to include one more golem, the 13th. When the package is reinvigorate, the cost will be set in like manner: to Sixty Five Dollars. Try not to miss this last opportunity and get the complete pack now at a low cost. Hurry up avail this chance otherwise not to state we didn’t give alert to you. This bundle includes all the twelve compelling low-poly golem characters available at the UAS. They are Mecanim humanoid good. Demo scenes include entirely set up the 3rd independent controller for each golem. This package will allow you to reserve half over the 1st cost and acquire the full Golem Collection.

UPDATE 1.3: Up to date Insect and Stalagmite Golem included

UPDATE 1.2: New Obsidian Golem included

UPDATE 1.1: Improved animations and demo scenes.

The variety embrace all these precedence store packages:

– Water

– Air

– Fire

– Crystal

– Plasma

– Nature

– Darkness

– Fog

– Insect

– Stalagmite

Each golem Includes:

– Specially made shaders to mimic FX.

– Specially made molecule frameworks.

A mix of these surface maps:

* Diffuse Map

* Normal Map

* Emissive Map

* Specular Map

Animation list:

* Idle anim

* Left Punch anim

* Right Punch anim

* Double Attack anim

* Jump anim

* Death anim

* Walk anim

* Run anim

* Head hit anim

* Chest hit anim

* Stomach hit anim

* Solid hit anim

* Crouch anim

* Defence anim

All the mat are created to worked in standard PBS and the new lightning framework.

Polycount: from 3K up to 9K polys.

Make your game project more stunning and realistic with this unity package. This pack is low-poly so it will not effect your project size or your game will not lag in play mode. On Asset Store it will cost you some money but here you can get this pack for FREE use it anywhere in the game. But also give some credit to the creator. Now download Golem Collection Unity Assets FREE.

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